References by Subject

Various References by Subject

I will try to include texts and other articles which I have found handy thus far in my ‘career’. I will update this from time to time as we cover more topics.

Earth Retention and Soil Mechanics:

One of my favorite general references, especially for basic concepts in earth retention is “Basics of Retaining Wall Design” by Hugh Brooks and John P. Nielsen. maybe the only reference your really need.

Winterkorn and Fang, “Foundation Engineering Handbook”

Buy here:

Bowels 3rd and 4th editions are also very good I’m sure they all are. Fifth Edition (I think):

The problem is that in soil mechanics many theories apply sometimes and this may seem awkward at first but the more you get into it the more this makes sense. In my opinion engineering judgement is really of top importance in geotechnical work. For this reason I own more geotechnical/earth retention/soil mechanics books than any other subject.

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